Events & Weddings

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Ashtabula and Woodburn are available for your special events.


Grounds Rental for Weddings and Private Events

From April through October, the grounds of Woodburn and Ashtabula are available for rental for a minimum of 3 hours and up to 8 continuous hours per day.

Basic Rental Package for Large Events

Eight (8) continuous hours on the day of the event including time for set-up and clean-up:

Up to 150 guests-$1,500 + $500 security deposit*
150 – 250 guests-$1,600 + $500 security deposit*
250 – 350 guests-$1,700 + $500 security deposit*
350 – 400 guests-$1,800 + $500 security deposit*

Basic Rental Package for Smaller Events

Three (3) to five (5) continuous hours on the day of the event including time for set-up and clean-up:

50 or less guests @ rate of $200 per hour
3 hours – $600 + $200 security deposit*
4 hours – $800 + $200 security deposit*
5 hours – $1,000 + $200 security deposit*

* The security deposit is refundable and is required to cover any damage, overrun of time, or for extra clean up required. The security deposit, minus any extra charges, will be returned within thirty (30) days after the event.

Included with the Event Rental Agreement:

  1. At Woodburn, the perfect background for a wedding ceremony at the Victorian Carriage house with a brick patio in front and a brick aisle way leading from the house to the carriage house.
  2. At Woodburn, a spacious front lawn for a reception including a large (19’X19′) brick dance floor and ample space for multiple-size tents.
  3. Small catering prep kitchen on the ground floor of the house.
  4. Bridal dressing area with large mirror on the ground floor of the house..
  5. Tours of the first floor of the house museum for guests during the event.
  6. A complimentary hour for a wedding rehearsal on the day before the wedding.
  7. A complimentary hour for a wedding portrait sitting prior to the wedding..

Rental Equipment

The Pendleton Historic Foundation has a rental agreement with Tri-County Rentals of Easley ( For the cost of the rental, they can provide whatever rental equipment is needed, including tables, chairs, tents, and extra lighting. Tri-County Rentals typically sets-up rental equipment the day before the event and removes it the day after the event. This leaves the entire rental period available for setup by the caterer and other event providers.

Catering and Other Wedding Vendors

The Pendleton Historic Foundation does not provide catering, but, can provide a list of recommended caterers and other wedding vendors in the area. The bride may choose any of these or provide their own. If liquor is to be served, a licensed bartender is required.

Extra Hours

For those leasing the grounds for larger eight (8) hour events, up to two (2) extra hours can be purchased, if needed, at the rate of $200 per hour. Extra hours past the five (5) hour maximum cannot be purchased by those who select the smaller event package. Extra hours must be selected at least four (4) weeks prior to the event. In all cases, the event just be concluded and cleaned up by 11PM.

  • Up to 150 Guests: $1,500
  • 150 – 200 Guests: $1,600
  • 200 – 250 Guests: $1,700
  • 300 – 400 Guests: $1,800

Photo Session Only

$50 – photo sitting

Event Calendar

Our wedding season is April – July and September – October. Saturday wedding dates in the Fall are dependent on the Clemson University home football schedule since Woodburn is located on the main traffic route to the stadium. Friday evening wedding dates are offered as an alternative. Please consult our event calendar to determine if your desired date is available.

Membership Discount

Members of the Pendleton Historic Foundation (Family Membership or higher) receive a 10% discount on grounds rental rates.